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is it possible to love & hate your job @ the same time? It's been almost 4 years now since I started framing pictures & I keep choosing it over salary jobs. Take Thursday for example, I was offered yet another teaching job but said no. Then I get to my job & they claim i'm some malicious being who doesn't want to be there & somehow they still claim to want me there! I was written up twice in one day & tree times int eh past three months & never before this new assistant manager in the four years I've been there.
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Pretty Padma

Tokio Hotel

SO after deciding to catchup on all of Beren's post & stories for the last couple months I became obsessed. In a sentence, I saw them in concert about two hours from where I live. I now know that Bill has a lisp that you can't here when recorded. Tom smirks more than any other expression & Gustav is more interested is something happening offstage. I could swear Georg looked right @ me & smiled, not that one member is more exciting than the other three. I had to wait ouside all day & then the concert was an hour & a half late starting, but I was less than thirty feet from Tokio hotel!
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the dreams

My whole life I have these dreams & I know they come true but like any dreamer I have no control over the outcome. What I dream has an abstract view of the future. Collapse )
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My Saturday Off

Every time I go to post something goes horribly wrong. But not to night, this will be my first post in a while. I thank JKR for getting me here. Yeah Dumbledore! I got a weekend day off from my framing job which never happens. I tagged along to Houston and ended up at a Women's festival. I saw an old college adviser and rode the new Metro rail line which was fun. I work at 7am but what a day.
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Boy Culture

I was watching Cold Case from last Sunday and stumbled across this actor named Jonathan Trent. His character was flirting with some girl and yet I found myself smiling. I just had to go find his Filmography. Then the search results at moviefone mentioned this film he's in that must be out in major cities right now and OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! Boy Culture is something I just have to see. I don't know how to insert youtube but here's this.....Hot trailer
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famous lesbian

I was walking through the club section of downtown Austin, TX when my best friend recognised that blonde girl from "Real World Boston." She come out of the closet on the show apparently. I still haven't a clue, but my BFF was all excited. After she asked her name, my friend cold only inform the poor girl that we'd seen her on TV. Well this was Friday night & I still wish I had said anything, rather than stand there dumstruck.